Therapy For Beauty

A case study done at the Beauty Care Research Laboratories (Kao Corporation, Tokyo, Japan) showed hyperbaric oxygen treatments to improve Ultraviolet B irradiation-induced melanin pigmentation and diminishing of senile spot sizes. In other words; a younger healthier skin!

This particular case study was investigated to determine the effects of exposure to hyperbaric oxygen on ultraviolet B (UVB) irradiation-induced melanin pigmentations of the skin and on senile spot sizes.

The first experiment was done on male subjects which were irradiated with UVB on their upper arms for inducing erythema and the subsequent melanin pigmentation. They were exposed to hyperbaric oxygen therapy environment at 1.25 ATA with 32% oxygen for 60 mins/day for 3 sessions a week.

The second experiment was done on females who were exposed to the same ATA and 32% oxygen but only twice per week.

Results on both cases were for the males: melanin pigmentations lightened (after 4 weeks) and the females: senile spots sizes became smaller (after 12 weeks).

In conclusion, exposure to hyperbaric oxygen treatments in these case studies showed acceleration in fading of melanin pigmentation and a decrease in senile spot size.