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LazyBoy Oxygen Chamber (Medium)

The medium-sized LazyBoy Hyperbaric oxygen chamber features 1.3 ATA (30psi) operating pressure, a full nylon cover with a three-zipper seal, and can fit an optional adjustable chair for comfort.

The HBOT chamber has a internal metal frame that holds the shape when deflated, an emergency valve for depressurization, an internal pressure gauge for the user, and the unit delivers 93% oxygen under pressure via a oxygen headset or facial mask.

The LazyBoy O2 chamber is also easy to use (even with a single operator) and full training is included with all our products, which will ensure that you can use it with absolute confidence.

Full Chamber Setup

Full Chamber Setup

We don’t just sell O2 chambers, we take responsibility to install them according to all the latest best practices to ensure they do not get damaged or burst.

Detailed Training

Training Is Included

In addition to setup, we will also make sure that you are correctly trained to use the O2 chamber for specific use cases and safety is maintained at all times.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

The SolidO2 team will provide local support for your chamber, and if you need more training, marketing materials or anything else, we will be here for you.

Additional information

Dimensions 170 × 70 × 110 cm
Chamber Model:

LazyBoy Medium

Chamber Pressure:

1.3ATA (30psi), similar pressure as being 3 meters under water.

Chamber Material:


Chamber Weight:


Chamber Type:


Compressor Size:


Compressor Features:

Quiet & Oil Free. Two Super absorption activated carbon filters in air Input and Output to protect.

Concentrator Size:


Concentrator Flow Rate:

5 Litre/min

Concentrator Features:

PSA Molecular Sieve High Technology. Continuous Oxygen production, (no need for oxygen tank)

Folding Chair (Optional):

Durable and elastic. Can sit or semi-lying inside chamber, 180⁰ adjustable. Weight: 9kg