While many struggle to increase turnover, Charmain Teague (owner of Essential Beauty Salon) decided to try something by adding Solid O2 Oxygen Treatments to her existing business.

Solid O2 Oxygen Chamber at Essential Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon adds Oxygen Treatments to increase revenue

“It was a big risk for me, because I never knew anything about mild Hyperbaric capsules/chambers, how to set it up, train staff, treat customers or even advertise the new service but Solid O2 had me covered with a great solution that did not cost me a penny more than the purchase of my Solid O2 Oxygen Capsule”

Charmain’s family story is an absolute testimony to all of us that go through those times when everything seems too much. It all started when Charmain tragically lost her business to the horrific Knysna fires that took over 600 structures in June 2017. As if that is not enough to process, Charmain’s loving husband was suffering from … ….; this left Charmain and her daughter to be the breadwinners of the home.

“I have always been a positive person and will not accept failure as an endpoint. I knew we could get through this. It was heartbreaking. I had to find a new path for our family”

Change is seldom easy

It was a sad time for Charmain and family to leave their home town, however, it was clear they had to take a step of faith and start over. The Teague family settled in Pretoria East and re-opened Essential Beauty with great success. Within a few months, Essential Beauty had a good size clientele. However, business was growing but still had challenges, such as space to grow larger and new forms of income to diversify the business. Was Solid O2 Oxygen Therapy a good idea to add to a Beauty Salon?

“On a short meeting with Solid O2, they informed us that in many countries, Solid O2 Oxygen Treatments was common in Spas, gyms, wellness centres, wound clinics and even beauty salons, apart from just hospitals”

Not only was this viable for Essential Beauty, but Charmain was also relieved to learn that Solid O2 offered everything from setup to assisting her to treat clients until she felt confident to treat customers on her own.

“We had requests to treat customers before opening our new site; so we opened ahead of schedule in the middle of December (quiet time). I was amazed to see that by the end of December, Solid O2 Oxygen Treatments had generated a turnover of R18 000 and while Solid O2 charges zero monthly fees for the lifetime of the chamber. The sales/profits were my own”

Essential Beauty is now open at 325 Pauline Spruijt Street, Garsfontein, Pretoria offering Solid O2 Oxygen Treatments, Nails, spray tanning