Hyperbaric O2 Treatments

Oxygen treatments can help with a wide range of conditions (some of which are listed below). If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will assist you.


Cancer Treatment Pack

HBOT can boost oxygen saturation, which promotes cell growth and minimizes the harmful effects of radiation.

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Headache Treatment Pack

If you are suffering from acute migraines and cluster headaches, O2 treatments can give you relief and prevent future attacks.

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Lungs & Breathing

Lung/Breathing Pack

If you have hypoxemia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other lung related problems, mHBOT can help you.

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Pre/Post COVID Pack

This package includes our recommended approach to boosting the immune system and increasing oxygen saturation.

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Cardiovascular Pack

Pressurized oxygen can help with a variety of cardiovascular related problems and can assist with general vascular health.

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Injury and recovery

Injury/Recovery Pack

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments will help your body recover more quickly from a variety of injuries (internal/external).

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Neurological Treatment Pack

O2 treatments can improve overall brain function, boost receptive language, and reduces hyperactivity in all age groups.

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Sports performance

Sports Performance Pack

An increased blood oxygen count can help you perform better at various sports and it will also help with your muscle recovery.

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Depression & Anxiety

Depression & Anxiety Pack

We have had lots of success using oxygen therapy to reduce the effects of mild and even severe depression and anxiety.

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Immune system

Immune Boost Pack

If you are suffering from a compromised immune system, hyperbaric treatments are proven to help strengthen it.

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Pain and inflammation

Pain/Inflammation Pack

Increasing the oxygen in the blood while in a hyperbaric chamber reduces pain and inflammation throughout the body.

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Wellness Treatment Pack

Life is dependent on oxygen, so it stands to reason that increasing saturation will lead to general heath improvements.

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