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Why is oxygen so important for general health?

Every day, an average adult consumes 2kg of food, 1 litre of water and almost 550 litres of oxygen. 90% of our daily energy comes from oxygen and the rest from food and water. The human brain is 2% of our total weight and uses 25% of the oxygen we breathe. We require this oxygen for the energy cycle that sustains life. When we do not have enough oxygen in our body tissues, a series of events occur which, if not corrected, lead to the conditions of disease: either infection, tissue destruction, or both. If there is low oxygen levels in tissues (hypoxia), there is a small window of opportunity to correct it and an excellent method to correct tissue hypoxia is by undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

What are the benefit in using oxygen therapy?

As there are so many variables and answers in terms of what improvements any patient might expect to see, it is very rare that 2 different people can expect the same results. However, it is very rare that we do not see any improvements. The main objective is to improve the quality of life for anyone and everyone that undergoes HBOT.

In about 12 – 40 sessions, depending on the nature of the diagnosis, HBOT with Solid O2 can help:

  1. Reduce fatigue, improve sleeping quality and brain function
  2. Relieve work stress and support digestion
  3. Improve general wellness and increase energy levels
  4. Speed up recovery from frequent flying or long flights
  5. Provide recovery from sports injuries and improve sports performance
  6. Resolve alcohol concentration and help to regain consciousness after excessive consumption
  7. Improve children’s autism
  8. Improve cerebral palsy
  9. Improve diabetic wounds as the altered pressure gradients in the wound edges, encouraging the would to heal and get smaller
  10. Decreasing swelling (oedema) and inflammation by constricting blood vessels (vasoconstriction)
  11. Improve cellular metabolism, circulation and promote the growth of new blood vessels (granulation) and the growth of nerve endings (neurogenesis)
  12. Increase the body’s ability to fight infection
  13. Help the body in discarding toxins and metabolic waste products
  14. Accelerate overall healing rate
  15. Promote anti-aging and improve skin conditions

What conditions can O2 therapy help me with?

  1. Carbon monoxide poisoning
  2. Crushing injury
  3. Gas embolism
  4. Decompression Sickness
  5. Anaerobic or mixed anaerobic bacterial infection
  6. Diabetic foot lesion
  7. Non-healing wounds secondary to inflammatory
  8. Radiation induced manifestations
  9. Severe burns
  10. Stroke
  11. Diabetes and cardiac diseases
  12. Autism
  13. Severe anemia
  14. Brain abscess
  15. Severe burns
  16. Decompression sickness
  17. Sudden deafness
  18. Sudden and painless loss of vision
  19. Gangrene
  20. Tissue death caused by an infection of skin or bone

How long does the average O2 treatment last for?

Although some treatments can last up to 120 minutes, it is recommended that shorter sessions of between 60 – 90 minutes, 5 – 7 times a week yield optimal results.

Are O2 treatments safe for young kids?

Yes, hyperbaric therapy yields wonderful results with children. Research with children suffering from brain injuries or genetic disorders shows positive results and great promise.

Will O2 therapy help for general health/wellness?

Mild hyperbaric therapy is used regularly by people from all walks of life, including professional athletes and mountain climbers. As a competitive edge for athletes, hyperbaric oxygenation reduces muscle fatigue and the build-up of lactic acid.

Athletes who use hyperbaric therapy during their professional athletic careers report an advantage over competitors.

How do I go about purchasing an O2 chamber?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been appreciated globally from as early as the 1800’s.  Modern technology and international interest have made home and small business solutions much more affordable.

Below are the basics to look out for when purchasing a chamber:

Who are you buying from?

Informative and Fancy Websites do not guarantee the product or the service you will be getting.

You need to make sure that you are buying a quality product from an experienced person who is well established in the industry, and able to support you when you buy a solution.

Do any business sites exist?

Check out their client base – how many sites does the company have?  How successful are these sites?  You could be offered a “business in a box” solution without there being any existing clients or support.

Importing Can Be a Can Of Worms

While online solutions may look appealing, without an experienced local company, you might not be getting the best deal and your hard-earned money might at risk.   Factories can promote a baseline product and components in an attempt to broaden their sales base.  While an entry-level chamber might seem appealing for what you are wanting to do.  The product might even look exactly like others, however, you are left in the dark on all the important components to ensure safety in treatments for yourself, clients as well as the quality of the product itself.  Simply put, this behavior is damaging to the industry and may put your business reputation at risk.

An experienced, local company knows the shortfalls that can happen with importing and is usually well prepared in coping with the risks concerning customs laws, import tax, covid regulations, parts that are “missing” on arrival etc..

Will you be receiving ongoing support after delivery?

A company that has been in the industry for several years knows the ropes and will not just set you up and leave you. You will need training, and ongoing support for at least 2 years.  Are they able to service the equipment and do they have experience with changing parts if need be? (parts that perhaps did not come in the shipping order).

Photoshop Has Become Dangerous

Find out for sure if the company really DOES have business sites.  Company logos can be “pasted” on existing images and give the impression of booming business.  Existing sites will display their chambers at their sites on their social networks like Facebook and Instagram etc.


* Investing in a chamber could save you money especially with long-term conditions. You will not only be able to treat others but also give yourself treatments.

* It is a great way to add additional services to existing businesses such as Health Spas, Nail bars, Medical/Wound Clinics, Gyms, and Relaxation Centres to mention but a few.

* Find a company that will support you locally and call 1 or 2 of their existing sites/clients for a reference.

How does mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy work?

Interestingly, hyperbaric chambers were invented over 200 years ago! Therefore, there is centuries of research and testing behind this technology. Obviously, there are new categories of chambers that have been developed to treat an increased amount of pathologies and the treatment is now far more accessible and user-friendly to the point that it can be used and operated simultaneously by a single person, with the right training.

Without oxygen, only 5% of energy stored by food can be used by the body. Solid O2 chambers allow you to breath 100% pure oxygen, as opposed to the only about 21% that is present in the earth’s atmosphere, and at a heightened pressure. The pressure can vary dependent on what the diagnosis for treatment is. Pressure allows for some unusual effects. The average adult breathes approximately 2,7KG (550 litres) of oxygen a day with about 900 grams entering the bloodstream. Doubling the pressure in a Solid O2 chamber, for example, results in us breathing double the number of molecules. Further to that, because Solid O2 uses only pure oxygen, that results in us breathing 10 times the regular amount of O2. This means that red blood cells immediately benefit with increased oxygen and more oxygen enters the blood plasma. This assists healing by assisting to build up tissue oxygen levels in even damaged hypoxic tissue.

When we are inside a chamber pressurised at 1.3 or 1.5 times the normal air pressure, it may not feel different, but breathing pure oxygen simultaneously, provides 7-8 times the regular amount of oxygen. Henry’s Law states that when a gas and liquid interact, the amount of gas that dissolves in the liquid is proportional to its partial pressure. The pressurised oxygen dissolves directly into all body fluids. In a few minutes this extra oxygen builds up tissue oxygen levels far above normal. This action has been scientifically proven to stimulate healing.


How many sessions of O2 therapy will be needed?

In short, you won’t know at the start. What you will be able to notice is whether you are continuing to get improvements. A clinical study on 1730 subjects shows the need of around 15 sessions for acute injuries and 40 for chronic ones.

If you saw results during the first 40 sessions, do another 40. In improvements continue, do another 40, etc. You will personally be a better judge of sessions needed than any doctor.

What does it feel like to receive oxygen therapy?

In the chamber, you will be sitting or lying comfortably and breathing in pure oxygen through a face mask. The pressure in the chamber is then increased to a predetermined level over the allotted period.

As with any ascent or descent, the change in pressure is most often felt in the ears. Therefore, in the pressurised chamber, you will feel the change in your ears as the pressure increases, which might be a little painful. This can be relieved by equalising the pressure in your ears by chewing (gum or food), swallowing, yawning or ‘blowing your nose’ whilst keeping your nostrils pinched with your fingers.

Once the chamber is fully pressurised, however, this feeling will return to normal. While in the chamber, you can sleep, meditate, read, watch a movie, listen to music etc.

Is oxygen therapy suitable for the elderly?

Most definitely! Hyperbaric therapy is great for those in their later years. HBOT provides an immeasurable boost which counteracts the signs of ageing. In fact, new research indicates that hyperbaric oxygenation slows cell death (Apoptosis).

Can I use an O2 chamber if I have limited mobility?

Both the Soft and Hard Chambers are equipped with facilities to assist those that struggle with mobility to enter the chambers gently and easily.

Are there any risks associated with O2 therapy?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) which involves pressures at 3ATA and above has few and rare risks involved.  With that said, it is important to recognize that mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) has even fewer risks.  For instance, mHBOT pressures are all below 1.5ATA.  As a result, mHBOT go to pressures similar to being only 3 meters underwater.

Common risks that we look out for in a patient is sinus congestion, which can be managed.  Any heart or lung conditions that may have complications with pressure.  Needless to say that even with these conditions, many Doctors still give the go-ahead for mHBOT as it is far safer than the already safe higher pressures experienced in HBOT.  Should you have any concerns regarding having hyperbaric pressure treatments, it would be wise to consult with your doctor first.  Please keep in mind to mention that with Solid O2 oxygen treatments, we only practice with pressures below 1.5ATA (mild).

These complications below are recorded with higher pressures.  It is still good to note that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is generally a safe procedure and complications are exceptionally rare. We have listed a few risks associated with HBOT (high pressure) treatments:

  • Temporary near-sightedness (myopia) caused by temporary eye lens changes
  • Middle ear injuries, including leaking fluid and eardrum rupture, due to increased air pressure, which should be able to be mitigated by the patient in the chamber
  • Lung collapse caused by air pressure changes (barotrauma)
  • Seizures due to too much oxygen (oxygen toxicity) in your central nervous system, again mitigated by a gradual approach

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