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Meet the rising demand for health and wellness solutions with our top-quality hyperbaric oxygen chambers and O2 treatments. Perfect for businesses or personal use, our offerings provide a unique opportunity to deliver transformational health benefits. Experience the extraordinary power of oxygen and embrace a healthier future today!

Brendon Bezuidenhout
Brendon Bezuidenhout
Super thrilled to be an owner of this amazing product and to be part of the Solid O2 family. Hoping to be able to offer our East London community and surrounding areas with the enormous benefits of this technology.
Lorne Steyn
Lorne Steyn
Very impressed with the new site at Groenewald & Steyn Audiologists!
Petro Groenewald
Petro Groenewald
Amazing machine and amazing people assisting in helping with setup
Candice Antonie
Candice Antonie
Hyperbaric O2 treatments are what got this working mom of 2 busy little boys functioning again after massive surgery (colonectomy for colon cancer). The treatments brought colour back to my face and my life. I was so blown away that I invested in a machine myself with SOLID O2. I did a lot of research and found them to be the best in South Africa. I love my HBOT and have had the best experience with the Rob and the Solid O2 team. I’m so excited for the journey ahead and want to help others as I was helped. Thank you SOLID O2!!!!
Melissa Barnard
Melissa Barnard
Woooow had a great experience!
Jean Victor
Jean Victor
Excellent service

Why Choose Us?

We have over 25 years of hyperbaric oxygen experience and a number of treatment sites across the country.

Worry-Free Warranties

Rest easy knowing that your investment is protected. We offer a 4 year warranty on all our electronics & 4 year guarantee on our pressure gauges (unlike the normal 2 years).

Local Support & Repairs

The SolidO2 team provides local support for your chamber, and if you ever need to have parts replaced or repaired, we can come to your home to help you.

Setup & Training

We don’t just sell O2 chambers, we take responsibility to install them according to all the latest best practices and train you (or. your staff) to use them correctly.

Adjustable Pressures

Instead of being locked into a specific pressure range, our chambers come with the ability to adjust based on your needs (adjustable between 1.1 to 1.4 ATA)

Treatment Network

We have an extensive network of O2 treatment sites. Ensure seamless access to rejuvenating oxygen therapies wherever you are, with the same trusted quality.

Easy Online Bookings

Simplify your O2 treatment bookings with our intuitive online booking system. Simply select the date, time and location that you want and pay via our payment gateway.

Safe For All Ages

Our chambers are designed with safety as one of the highest priorities. This means that people of all ages can have a comfortable HBOT experience.

Treatment Protocols

We have a number of established treatment protocols for various conditions that will help accellerate the healing process (these are provided at no additional cost).

From The Owner:

Hey there, I’m Robert, the guy behind Solid o2. You might find it funny, but I wasn’t always sold on the idea of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. It sounded a bit too ‘out there’ for me.

That all changed when I felt the treatment in my body when I was trying to help my son with his neurological challenges. It was mind-blowing! I felt a spark ignite within me, and I knew I needed to get this therapy to the people who needed it most.

That’s why I started Solid o2. My goal? Make O2 therapy less of a luxury and more of an everyday thing for those that need it. Fast forward to today and we’re running over 30+ treatment sites, each one a testament to the potential of Solid o2 oxygen therapy.  Now we get a continuous flow of testimonies of how our oxygen treatments are changing other people’s lives as it assists in their bodies to fight all sorts of conditions.

But this isn’t just about selling the highest quality mild hyperbaric oxygen chambers. It’s about giving people a chance to enhance their well-being and for businesses to offer something life-changing to their clients.

I’m excited to continue growing, expanding our reach, and educating more people on the benefits of oxygen therapy. Thanks for being part of this journey with us!

– Robert Pothier

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