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The Solido2 team provides expert advise for patients seeking oxygen therapy for various ailments, assists with booking necessary appointments, and sells affordable O2 chambers.
Jaden Ashton Pothier

Our True Inspiration

Jaden Ashton Pothier

Jaden Ashton Pothier was born a healthy boy on the 17 July 2013.  At 6 months Doctor’s suspected that something was wrong and by 9 months old, Jaden was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. 

Despite not being able to sit, crawl or walk independently, Jaden is an incredibly determined and happy boy that brings light and love into any room.  We as his parents love him with all our hearts.

Jaden is our inspiration in an effort to improve the services offered for special needs children.  Health and well-being is critical to ensure we maximize on special needs children’s physical and neurological growth. 

We have incorporated these attributes of Jaden and healthy living into the “spirit” of Solid O2 company.

Founder and dedicated father

Robert Pothier

Robert Pothier (aka “The Oxygen Guy”) is Jaden’s father. After trying mild HBOT for my son and seeing the benefits of this treatment and how it can be used for so many other ailments, I decided to research more.

It was clear that while the benefits of treatments where fantastic, they were not affordable even though owning a chamber should work out cheaper in the long-term. Customers needed security in purchasing a chamber solution (as well as training and support), and people needed access to more information about treatments and where they should go to get them.

It all came together in one simple solution – Solid O2.

If you need treatments or perhaps are interested in buying an O2 chamber for yourself (or your business), please contact us.

Megan Pothier

Dedicated Mother

Megan Pothier

Megan Pothier is Jaden’s mother. After receiving the news that Jaden had CP, Megan left her profession in Somatology, beauty, health & skincare, administrative and logistics and dedicated her life to raising Jaden from home.

Megan has spent 5 years participating in all of Jaden’s treatments, from intensive Oxygen treatments, Hydrotherapy, Occupational therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech therapy, special needs horse riding lessons and top courses like ABM and MAES therapy courses.

During this time, Megan has also spent extensive time researching and liaising with dieticians and doctors on health-related matters and diets.


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