Alverene Malgas

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Alverene Malgas

When giving birth they used instruments that left her with brain damage. She went to Alta du Toit special school with no improvement. She just got weak on her left side.

In March 2021 I took her to a internist who referred me to a neurologist. They did scans and an MRI. They said she had a light stroke and the neurologist diagnosed her with cerabral palsy. She started to walk slow with difficulty getting up or sitting down.

I have to help her do everything now other than feeding. She can eat by herself. She developed claw toes and an had operation in 2021 as well as this year April. She can’t talk properly, only a few words. She could walk and stand okay but 5 years ago everything changed, she is wearing napkins now. I started with hyperbaric oxygen therapy last week and I want to book more.

It was recommended that she completes 40 sessions but financially I will not be able to. I’m unemployed. I had to leave my work as a nurse to take care of her. I don’t get a pension only a senior grant of R1990 and alverene disability grant from SASSA also R1990. The doctors said her medical costs will be much more in the future and we also need to find help getting to the branch for every treatment as we live 45min away.

Because of all the worry, bills and expenses piling up I have developed depression.I hope you can assist us. I just want to make her life easier, she is always smiling.

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We have reviewed the medical diagnosis from her specialists and confirmed that everything submitted was accurate.


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Hyperbaric oxygen treatments will help your body recover more quickly from a variety of injuries (internal/external).

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We will use the donations to purchase O2 treatments for Alverene Malgas at a reduced cost at one of our Solid O2 sites.

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From The Owner:

“I personally started out not really believing in the healing potential of pressurized O2, but after experiencing it for myself and seeing how it helped my son, I developed a burning desire to make oxygen treatments more accessible to the public. It is for this reason I started Solid O2 and find joy in helping people find sponsorships.”

– Robert Pothier

Neurological Treatment Success Stories:


My son has benefited from regular O2 sessions, and the family can see a huge improvement in him over the years.

Louise B, Alberton


While I want to keep the condition private, I will just say that these oxygen treatment sessions really, really, REALLY work.

Morne S, New Castle


I suffer from adult ADHD, and although I was a bit skeptical at first, the sessions are great and I can feel the difference.

Sifiso M, Brakpan

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