His Story

Hendrik Adriaan Smal

Hendry is 3 years old, turning 4 this year. He drowned during February 2022, but with a lot of struggle, doctors managed to get his heart pumping again.

He was in hospital till about 3 weeks ago, but the doctors can’t do more to help.

He suffers from brain damage and can’t do anything. He cries most of the time and nothing seems to sooth him. He gets food through a small pipe directly into his tummy. Every feeding is however a struggle because when he cries (like I said is most of the time), the food pushes back through the pipe; accordingly every feeding takes a lot of time.

He, together with his sister, is in the care of their grandparents. The grandparents is struggling financially, emotionally and physically. They blame themselves and the fact that they can’t really help and sooth him, is taking it’s toll on them.

We don’t know if he will ever be able to do anything, but it break our hearts to hear him cry and cry and we can’t do anything to help.

I have read about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy that might help. We cannot afford it, the grandparents cannot afford it. We pray for a miracle every moment of every day – help however seems so very very far.

We hope that the treatment will at least ease his suffering, perhaps even make him capable of eating and have a sense of enjoyment for the small things.

Condition Specific Treatments

Medical Diagnosis

We have reviewed the medical diagnosis from Dr Mapnumua Mpoitsui and confirmed that everything is accurate.


A Case For O2 Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments will help your body recover more quickly from a variety of injuries (internal/external).

Wide Range of options

How Will We Help?

We will use the donations to purchase O2 treatments for Hendrik Adriaan Smal at a reduced cost at one of our Solid O2 sites.

A Word

From The Owner:

“I personally started out not really believing in the healing potential of pressurized O2, but after experiencing it for myself and seeing how it helped my son, I developed a burning desire to make oxygen treatments more accessible to the public. It is for this reason I started Solid O2 and find joy in helping people find sponsorships.”

– Robert Pothier

Neurological Treatment Success Stories:


My son has benefited from regular O2 sessions, and the family can see a huge improvement in him over the years.

Louise B, Alberton


While I want to keep the condition private, I will just say that these oxygen treatment sessions really, really, REALLY work.

Morne S, New Castle


I suffer from adult ADHD, and although I was a bit skeptical at first, the sessions are great and I can feel the difference.

Sifiso M, Brakpan

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