His Story

Jontae Damoense

Jontae was born at 26 weeks, weighed only 750g, and has endured multiple surgeries (including a resuscitation) at birth. Our family’s daily struggles include his pain management (due to spastic limb spasms), feeding challenges and ongoing sleeping issues.

He is fully dependent on us for his basic daily needs and is non-verbal. After extensive research, we are hopeful that O2 therapy will help with pain, reduce spasticity and aid in healing his brain.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for our little boy, and we would appreciate any donations that will help us achieve that.

Our Treatment Analysis:


A Case For O2 Therapy

O2 Therapy helps brain functionality and repair. Studies show that increased O2 pressure can stimulate neural growth, repair and even cause dormant neurons to fire. Click here to read a study by theĀ US National Library of Medicine.


Ideal Treatment Schedule

In relation to expected long term neurological conditions, it is highly recommended he does 40 intensive sessions (one per day). The duration for the O2 treatments may continue indefinitely to maintain all of the treatment benefits.


Estimated Cost Involved

Our sites give special needs a 10% discount (over and above any other discounts), and that scales up with the number of treatments. If Jontae gets 40 sessions, he will enjoy 42% discount, and it will cost R10 440 for 2 months of treatment.

Donate To Support Jontae:

This donation will be put towards Solid O2 treatments for Jontae Damoense, with a small portion going towards the payment gateway and promoting this page on social media.