Her Story

Miané Monique Du Plooy

At the 24-week pregnancy gynecologist visit, the doctor noted that Miane’s brain showed some form of abnormality. The one ventricle of her brain was 1mm larger than the other and her cerebellum 2mm too small.

We were referred to the Fetal Assessment center in Pretoria. The Professor indicated that Mia would be in a vegetative state and that she should be aborted. Mommy and Daddy (and the whole family) were devastated and decided to get more opinions.…

Three more doctors indicated that they would not recommend abortion and that Mia would only “reach her milestones slower” than other babies.
Mommy remained adamant to not abort the baby she waited for, for so long. Our little angel was born on Thursday morning 7 January 2016.

Our Treatment Analysis:


A Case For O2 Therapy

O2 Therapy helps brain functionality and repair. Studies show that increased O2 pressure can stimulate neural growth, repair and even cause dormant neurons to fire (read this article on neurological improvements).


Ideal Treatment Schedule

In relation to expected long term neurological conditions, it is highly recommended she does 40 intensive sessions (1-2 session per day). For chronic conditions, the duration for the O2 treatments may safely continue indefinitely to maintain the benefits.


Estimated Cost Involved

Miané’s condition is very unique in that there are many treatments that can benefit her.  There is no limit to how we can help & would love to raise R20k p/month.  We may include additional services/treatments in relation to any extra funds raised.

Donate To Support Miané:

We will put the entire donation (minus a small admin fee) towards SolidO2 treatments for Miané Monique Du Plooy.