His Story

Revan du Toit

Revan was born with an infection in his lungs, at 6week checkup they measured his head and long story short, he has these conditions.

He received a feeding peg last year after we almost lost him. He is on Oxygen when needed, normal sats for him is ±85. He is aged 7 but is still like a month old baby. Mo had to quit her job to look after him as previous day care center didn’t work out and nanny after that almost drowned him.

Daddy lost his job 3 years ago, but is doing his own thing now, and they barely keep head above water, so there is no money for therapies. Please consider him into your program as he really deserves it.

Our Treatment Analysis:


A Case For O2 Therapy

O2 Therapy helps brain functionality and repair. Studies show that increased O2 pressure can stimulate neural growth, repair and even cause dormant neurons to fire (read this article on neurological improvements).


Ideal Treatment Schedule

In relation to expected long term neurological conditions, it is highly recommended he does 40 intensive sessions (one session per day). For chronic conditions, the duration for the O2 treatments may safely continue indefinitely to maintain the benefits.


Estimated Cost Involved

All Solid O2 sites give special needs 10% discount over and above any other special, discount or price. With 42% discount, 40 sessions will cost R10 440 and gives 2 months of treatment.  

We may include additional services/treatments in relation to any extra funds raised.

Donate To Support Revan:

We will put the entire donation (minus small admin fee) towards SolidO2 treatments for Revan du Toit.